Government plans for a market in environmental “services” – part of the financialisation of everything

The 2011 National Environment White Paper is heavily business-oriented. It’s based on the 2011 National Ecosystem Assessment which puts a monetary value on all the “services” that we take from the natural environment.

For example, it identifies that parks and green spaces will enhance human wellbeing to the value of £290 per household per year in 2060.

The government spin is that putting a monetary value on the services we take from the environment will mean that businesses will have to take account of the costs of pollution and environmental damage that they cause, instead of ignoring them. But critics say that turning the natural environment into an accounting exercise is neoliberalism run mad. Continue reading

All in a day’s work: incoherent Coalition simultaneously publishes #CommunityEnergy Strategy and rips up standards for renewable energy in new builds

David Cameron has announced that his government is ripping up more than 3,000 environmental protection regulations, including building standards relating to demands for renewable energy sources.

Environmental campaigner and journalist George Monbiot tweeted that weakening building regulations in a cold country is a recipe for “either misery or spending a fortune on fuel bills”.

On the same day, Monday 27th January, the Coalition government published its Community Energy Strategy (CES). This requires local authorities to support community renewable energy schemes, provides some increased funding for such schemes, and aims to reduce people’s fuel bills.
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Conference calls for radical, rapid action to reduce emissions – starting now

Notes on the Radical Emission Reduction Conference in London on 10-11 Dec 2013, by David Flint, a member of Enfield Green Party.

“The conference has to be a catalyst for very rapid action” – Prof. Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Centre

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