Feral: the pathetic fallacy, but not as we know it

Midway along his life’s path, George Monbiot found himself on a dreary moor with no track to show him the way.

Lacking a poet ghost to guide him on the necessary descent into the circles of hell, through purgatory and on to paradise, Monbiot’s new book Feral conjures an Edenic fantasy of re-forested uplands, prowled by wolves, beavers and other top predators. In his dreams, he has banished the pesky sheep and hill farmers who between them have degraded this once and future biodiverse ecosystem.
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Tell MPs to save the Agricultural Wages Board! Fair sustainable food needs a skilled workforce

At Incredible Edible Mytholm’s Growing Futures Field Day yesterday, Charlie Clutterbuck explained why the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB) is worth saving from the Coalition Government’s “bonfire of the quangos”,  and that people can urge MPs to vote against its abolition when the proposal comes back to the House of Commons on April 16th.

Save the Agricultural Wages Board

You can use the Save the AWB site for information. LibDem MPs can vote against abolition, as it is not in either their Manifesto nor the Coalition Agreement. Our Tory MP Craig Whittaker will no doubt toe the party line, but it’s always worth letting our MP know if you don’t agree with that.

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