Hebden Bridge writer Rachel Tansey exposes corporate capture of COP19 climate talks

Former Calder High student Rachel Tansey is at the COP 19 climate talks in Warsaw. Thanks to herĀ COP19 Guide to corporate lobbying, published by theĀ Corporate Europe Observatory and Transnational Institute, it’s clear that the Polish government hosting COP19 is criminally complicit with a large number of fossil fuel companies that it has invited to sponsor and attend the climate talks – giving them free rein to bend and capture the agenda to serve their own interests.
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Government fracking advisers are being paid by the fracking industry

A forthcoming British Geological Survey advisory report on fracking for the UK government may not be properly impartial and objective, since several companies in the fracking industry have been funding the British Geological Survey. These include companies like Chevron, Conoco Phillips and Exxon. Neither the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) nor the British Geological Survey has noted this conflict of interest.

This isn’t the first time DECC has blurred the lines between government and industry interests. Quite a few energy industry employees work on secondments in DECC, advising the government on energy policy. This cannot be right. No-one voted for industry to take over government policy making.