Leaked cuts may explain government ‘no’ to Don Valley carbon capture and storage

Despite being the UK’s front-runner to receive funding from the European Union NER competition for carbon capture and storage (CCS) schemes, last autumn 2CO’s Don Valley CCS project didn’t make it to the UK Coalition government’s shortlist for the competition. No-one could understand why – the Don Valley CCS project was far more advanced than any others and had come out top in a parallel European Union assessment of UK CCS schemes.

Mock up of Don Valley Power Project_2CO image

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Don Valley Carbon Capture & Storage project in line for European Union funding


The European Commission reports that the proposed Don Valley Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS) project is at the top of the list of CCS projects that are in line to receive funding from the European Union NER 300 funding programme.

The NER300 funding programme

“…is one of the world´s largest funding programmes for innovative low carbon energy commercial demonstration projects…”

NER300 – Moving towards a low carbon economy and boosting innovation, growth and employment across the EU