Calder Valley MP votes to overturn recent Gagging Bill improvements

Following a quick debate on the Gagging Bill that many MPs described as “shoddy” and “shambolic”, Craig Whittaker MP followed Conservative party orders and voted with the majority of MPs to overturn recent improvements made by the House of Lords.

MPs following the Coalition Government line voted to:

  • remove new rules limiting secret lobbying by big business
  • put back in key limits on what campaigners, charities, and voluntary groups can do to speak up on issues of the day.

As reported in Hansard, many MPs found the debate shambolic, with the Government unable to clearly explain what it was proposing to do, and no time for MPs to absorb and understand its last-minute proposals.
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Caroline Lucas MP refers Energy Royd criticism of Environmental Audit Committee to its Chair


Caroline Lucas MP, who is a member of the Environmental Audit Committee, has emailed to say:

Thank you for your email and comments about the Environmental Audit Committee’s wildlife crime inquiry. I am sorry that you did not feel the investigation was sufficiently rigorous and am happy to pass on your feedback to the Chair. I appreciate you getting in touch and sharing your concerns.”

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