Todmorden Weir Minerals to ask Weir Head Office about fossil fuel divestment plans

going into Weir_loresFollowing an unannounced visit by Climate Crime Unit Investigators on April 6th, the managing director of Weir Minerals in Todmorden has agreed to ask Weir Head Office whether the company warns shareholders of the risk attached to the Weir’s substantial investments in the fossil fuel industry, and if they have any plans for divesting from fossil fuels. Continue reading

Stop earth hotting up, or permafrost will thaw


This video from Yale Climate Forum explains that we are half way to the threshold temperature at which arctic permafrost will thaw and release huge quantities of carbon dioxide and methane into the earth’s atmosphere, triggering uncontrollable climate change.

Recent research from Oxford University indicates arctic permafrost thawing will occur if the earth’s temperature increases to 1.5ºC above the pre-industrial temperature of the earth.

We are now 0.8ºC hotter than in pre-industrial times, so it’s vital that we reduce human-caused carbon emissions quickly and steeply, in order to have a chance of stopping the rise in the earth’s temperature before it reaches 1.5ºC above the pre-industrial level.

Don Valley Carbon Capture & Storage project in line for European Union funding


The European Commission reports that the proposed Don Valley Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS) project is at the top of the list of CCS projects that are in line to receive funding from the European Union NER 300 funding programme.

The NER300 funding programme

“…is one of the world´s largest funding programmes for innovative low carbon energy commercial demonstration projects…”

NER300 – Moving towards a low carbon economy and boosting innovation, growth and employment across the EU