Disabled children’s funding cuts consultation on 29th November in Halifax

Like other Calderdale parents of disabled children, Katherine Horner has recently received a letter inviting her to a consultation at the Shay Stadium in Halifax on Wednesday the 29th November, about Calderdale Council’s proposed cuts and changes to  Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) provision and Disabled Children’s Access To Care (DCATCH) funding for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilty (SEND).

Calderdale Council says it has to make cuts because of government changes to Early Education Funding requirements.

Katherine Horner pointed out,

“Last year the Council proposed to cut DCATCH funding and with the help of Cllr James Baker and his Lib Dem colleagues we were able to get the money they were going to take out of the scheme put back in.
Also we were told DCATCH funding and Special Educational Needs and Disability Independent Support Services would be protected until 2020.”

While Katherine says she understands Council budgets are being squeezed by cuts in funding from central government,  she finds herself again writing another letter to the Courier asking Calderdale Council to think again before taking money away from children and young adults who need this funding the most.

Katherine added,

“By cutting this funding and services Calderdale Council risks excluding disabled 0 to 2 yr olds from nursery provision.
By issuing  fewer EHCPs  it reduces parents’ choice  about  where our children are educated.
Parents, if your children are in receipt of any of these services please attend one of the consultation events and let’s try and protect the services our children need.”

The consultation is also open to early years providers, out of school and holiday providers and others working in the field, as well as parents and carers.

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