Phat Bollard brings busking joy to Calder Valley

Cornish busking band Phat Bollard Рwho caught the zeitgeist at the 2015 General Election with their sardonic song Millionaires Рplayed in St Georges Square, Hebden Bridge yesterday. Earlier in the week they played at the open mic at the Golden Lion in Todmorden  and busked in Halifax and Hebden Bridge.

Their set is full of cheery upbeat finger picking songs –¬† with mocking, often caustic lyrics that list “shit that we don’t need” from an equally long list of high street shops; take Tory economics to pieces with money trickles up not down; shout about empty houses and homeless people sleeping in doorways; and jest about how breathing is bad for you in an age where everyone is lost, the seas and oceans are polluted with our potions and fracking has polluted the rain and the food.

And last but not least, everyone is talking bullshit. How long can we hold on to these lies we’re told are true?

Listen out for the satirical Vegan Leather Shoes too.

I didn’t have a camera with me so here are a couple of photos from their facebook page.

phat bollard padstow 3


Screen shot 2016-08-07 at 12.31.56


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