Calder Valley peace group continues campaign for nuclear disarmament after MPs vote to renew Trident

On 18th July 2016 from 6pm – 7pm, many passing drivers on the main road through Hebden Bridge showed support for a well-attended protest, organised by Calder Valley CND for Peace & Justice, against the renewal of Trident. At the same time, MPs were debating the issue in Parliament.At the end of the debate, both Calderdale MPs voted to renew Trident – despite lobbying from constituents who asked them to vote against it.

Although the vote was passed in parliament, many people remain opposed to the renewal of Trident. The submarine-based nuclear weapons system will cost at least £205 billion which could be better spent on health, jobs, homes and education. Trident is also an ineffective defence against current threats to the UK’s security, as a military review has concluded.

Calder Valley CND for Peace and Justice are disappointed at the result of the vote in parliament and will continue to campaign for nuclear disarmament.

Header photo credit: Joan Heath

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