Play to continue undisturbed on Little Park, following productive site meeting with Neighbourhood Officer

Today Calderdale Council Neighbourhood Officer Andrew Pitts assured Friends of the Little Park,  local councillors and others from the council, that:

  • the toddler swings will not be affected and will remain in use. It is proposed that
  • the ‘fire mans pole’ is taken off the pirate ship and a safety panel put in place while a safety fence is erected 2.6 meters out from the existing fence
  • there will be no other disruption than this.

This is consistent with what Andrew Pitts told Plain Speaker yesterday and it is good to have it confirmed at the site meeting at the Little Park playground on Victoria Road.

Friends of the Little Park presented Andrew Pitts with a petition of well over 300 names protesting at any disruption of the playground by the developer, and they expressed the wish of the community that there is no disruption to play equipment during the proposed building works.

As well as discussion of health and safety issues and assurances from Andrew Pitts that children’s and parents’ access to the playground and all its equipment will continue undisturbed, there was also discussion around the amount of compensation that should be offered to purchase a new piece of play equipment and the possibility of putting boards on the fence for kids to chalk or graffiti.

Emily Forbes, one of the Friends of the Little Park, reports that Andrew Pitts will be putting the Council’s assurances and propositions in writing to Friends of the Little Park  and that when they reply, the Friends of the Little Park represent as much of the community as possible. So if you have anything you’d like to include in the reply, you can contact  Friends of the Little Park via their facebook page copy will follow.

This report is based on Emily Forbes’ report on the Friends of the Little Park facebook page.

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