Support the striking Calderdale Hospital NHS Staff pickets 24th November

Following their half-day strike last October, NHS staff are staging a second 4 hour strike, 7-11am on 24th November.

All who appreciate the staff who care for us, our friends and families when we are ill, are welcome at the pickets to show support for the strike.

The pickets will be at the main entrance to Calderdale Royal Hospital, the A&E entrance and the entrance just down the hill from the A&E entrance.

NHS staff are organising the strike to make sure it doesn’t affect patient care and patients’ safety.

A frontline member of staff at CHFT said,

“The NHS has been run on the good will of staff for years unfortunately this good will is rapidly evaporating. Morale is at an all time low, staff are leaving in droves and not being replaced adding to to an already over stretched service becoming even more so. To insist that staff continue to work in this present climate without a meagre payrise is insulting especially when in real terms NHS pay has been cut by 10-15%. We are not asking for our payrise to be matched at the 11% the MP’s awarded themselves just to be given the 1% the pay review body said we should have.”

Halifax mum Katherine Horner, who organised the Halifax-Wakefield Walk for the NHS last August, said,

“I will be supporting the staff at Calderdale Royal Hospital today to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication in this testing time for the NHS locally and Nationally. I would also like to say to CHFT and Calderdale CCG you may not want to listen to the public but we will stay and fight you all the way.”

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