Special Council meeting for CHFT Strategic Review motion- bang goes cross-party unity in defence of our NHS

Hey ho. Politicians, eh? Hopes of cross-party unity in defence of our NHS in Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield have withered faster than a plucked celandine.

First the LibDems and now the Tories have put forward amendments to the original Labour motion. This called on CHFT, Locala and SWYFPT to withdraw their Strategic Review and Strategic Outline Case for the transformation of the NHS and social care, and also called for some kind of Health and Social Care Commission to find out what a decent NHS and social care in the area should be like.

Although the wording for the original motion was not perfect, the non-party campaign group Band Together For Our NHS supported it as a good first step and hoped that their broad, non-party support would count for something with Councillors.

Apparently not.

You can read the original motion and the amendments here on Storify

Band Together For The NHS will be lobbying Councillors outside Halifax Town Hall from 5pm. If you want to lobby your ward Councillors, please turn up and tell them what you think.

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