2 thoughts on “Privatised urgent care ambulance service on the cards

  1. The under funding of ambulance services so private hire firms can cherry pick the more routine tasks is not a plan for a professional integrated service..If the management who dream up these plans work in the NHS perhaps we could save their wages. Keep the news flowing thanks.

  2. Thank you for confirming that this is being wheeled out throughout the country, we can verify the same is happening here in Gloucestershire and lives are being put at risk, when challenged the management deny they are doing what they are doing, time for unite to start suing managers who are selling their souls to the devil.

    The frightening way these managers are operating today, reminds me of the Nuremberg Trials when they were only doing as they were told.

    Underfunding of Ambulance Service is putting lives at risk:

    Link: http://protectournhs.wordpress.com/tag/ambulance-service/

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