Brown’s Field Observation Project Takes Root

Mike from Incredible Farm & Katy and Jenny from Incredible Edible Mytholm (IEM) had a meeting on Brown’s Field/Mytholm Works site earlier this month, to decide on some observation points, rather than relying on a grid as we’d previously thought of doing.

If you’d like to take part in the site observation over the coming year, please get in touch¬†or come to the IEM Members’ and Supporters’ Meeting on Monday 30th September, 7.30pm at the Terrace Room, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, where you can find out more.

Incredible Edible Mytholm plans to observe the site over the course of the next year, to learn about the plants, wildlife, soils, water flows and flooding, and social activities on the site. Also just to get a feel for it. For example, we’ve noticed how noisy it is with the traffic and we’ve talked about maybe building some earthern sound baffles near the road which will muffle the traffic noise and also make hugel ponds.

Here are maps and photos of the observation points we’ve chosen.

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