Looking for venue to screen Thin Ice- new film about climate scientists’ work

Thin Ice Trailer from Thin Ice Climate on Vimeo.

Thin Ice – The Inside Story of Climate Science – is freely available for screenings on Earth Day. Finn Jensen of Blackshawhead Environmental Action Team is looking for a venue in the Upper Calder Valley with a video projector, that would like to screen the film some time during Monday 22nd April – it can be an afternoon screening if the venue’s already booked for the evening.

If you have a venue that would like to screen the film, please contact us and I’ll pass the message onto Finn.

Finn said,

“This film called Thin Ice should be much better than the other one shown at the Picture House.”

The goal of the filmmaker is to give people the chance to find out just what scientists working in this field are doing, and why their findings worry them so much.

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