Incredible Edible Mytholm’s Nick Green reports from a desert kibbutz

Lotan, Israel

I spent two days in the desert,

My perceptions/prejudices of “arid” changed forever

As did those around kibbutzim.
Something about an “empty” place that draws/demands attention to its residual complexity, fullness.

Something around the people who chose to live here and their non-acceptance of a reductionist “them and us” standpoint.

Bedouin market, Lotan

A harsh, sometimes lethal place, nevertheless holding fairness, justice and astonishing beauty,

You can read more here.

Nick works on Incredible Farm.

Incredible Edible Mytholm’s looking forward to meeting the ┬áIncredible Farm apprentices who will be planting apple trees with Nick on the St James Hebden Royd Primary School playing field, as part of the Growing Futures Field Day this Saturday! Much excitement brewing!

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