How many Upper Calder Valley Councillors have signed up with Councillors Against Cuts?

A Todmorden Town Councillor, Mark Caterall, is the only Councillor in the Upper Calder Valley on the list of initial signatories to Councillors Against Cuts Founding Statement. How many Councillors in the Upper Calder Valley have signed up since?

Councillors, please let us know!

The Coalition-imposed cuts to Council spending are unnecessary, unevenly imposed ( with Eric Pickles imposing far higher cuts on Northern and Labour Councils than on Tory, Southern Councils) and counter-productive – they’re making the economic situation worse.

They’ve also disproportionately damaged people on low incomes. For instance, the ConDem’s abolition of the WarmFront scheme, which allowed Councils to subsidise home insulation and other energy conservation measures, has led to an increase in fuel poverty.

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