Burning the midnight oil – Environmental Information Regulations requests summary

In case anyone is interested in the details of information arising from the Environmental Information Regulations requests I have made to Natural England & the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in relation to Walshaw Moor Estate, here is the current EIR_Summary.

All the documents linked to from this page are PDF files. If you download one and then would like to return to this page, use the back arrow, not the red button. (If you click on the red button from a downloaded PDF file it will take you offline.)

If you’re not so keen on raw info, you can taste the fruits of all this labour by scrolling down the Ban the Burn news, to find various posts including No real evidence…Environmental Audit Committee let Natural England off the hook and Ban the Burn takes campaign to Brussels.

EIR correspondence

Here are the various items of correspondence. (Numbers mostly correspond to numbers in the EIR_Summary list.)

1) 9 August 12 NE EIR request

2) 1710_Shepherd_Response_WME


4a) Follow up_RFI1710_became RFI1786

4b) 1786 – Shepherd – Response



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