Stop ROC subsidies for palm oil-fuelled electricity

Alert reposted from Biofuelwatch
Please write to your MP today with a new Parliamentary Briefing and urge him or her to call on the Department for Energy and Climate Change to drop their plans for long-term subsidies for biofuel/palm oil electricity.

In February, the Department on Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will announce their final plans for renewable electricity subsidies, called Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).  So far, they have proposed to guarantee long-term subsidies to power stations burning biofuels (bioliquids).  Past experience in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy has shown that biofuel power stations will almost always burn palm oil because this is by far the cheapest vegetable oil.  DECC wants to cap the amount of subsidies for electricity from biofuels, but that cap would be so high that it could lead to the UK’s total palm oil imports being doubled, just to supply power stations.
The only way of stopping subsidies for palm oil is to stop subsidies for all electricity from biofuels.  The Netherlands and Germany have done this and the UK government needs to do the same.

Please help by sharing this alert widely. Many thanks!

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