Hebden Royd Town Council & the Mytholm Works plan – update

Hebden Royd Town Council will consider the Mytholm Works planning application on 31st October.

Councillor James Baker has tweeted that he “will  request listing community assets goes down on the next Strategy and Review meeting“, on Wednesday 24th October 2012 at 7.30pm in the Greenwood Room.

However, following this tweet, Councillor Dave Young has emailed that,

Cllr Matthew Talbot just phoned me and Cllr James Baker has asked for the item to go on the next Strategy and Review committee in December.”

So it looks as if the Hebden Royd Town Council Strategy & Review Committee won’t be discussing how to list community assets this evening – although maybe they could put it on AOB?

Here is a bit of info about listing community assets, under the Community Right to Bid in the Localism Act.

“How does the Right to Bid work?

  1. Nominations for the local list of assets of community value can be made for land or buildings in the nominee’s area.
  2. Groups entitled to make a nomination are a parish council, a community council or a locally connected voluntary or community body.
  3. If the local authority deems that the asset does have community value, and it is in their local area, it will be added to the list of assets of community value.
  4. If land is included on the list, it will remain there for five years. 

A building or a piece of land will only be considered to have community value if:

  1. the use of the land or building currently, or in the recent past, furthers the social well-being or cultural, recreational or sporting interests of the local community;
  2. this use of the building will continue to further the social well-being or interests of the local community; and
  3. this use of the building is not ancillary, i.e. of secondary purpose.  Furthering social well-being or the interests of the community must be the primary use of the land or building. 

A £19 million Community Ownership of Assets programme offers grants to communities wanting to take control of a local asset such as a pub, shop, or library. The Community Right to Bid will help local groups to do this.”

Source: http://www.socialenterprise.org.uk/policy-campaigns/the-localism-act

Updated to include information from Cllr Young’s email & info about Community Right to Bid

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