Council rejects Heptonstall wind turbines planning application

Calderdale Council has rejected  a planning application for two wind turbines in a field near Heptonstall School, following quite a few objections from members of the public.

Opinion in Heptonstall seemed divided over whether the turbines should go ahead or not – at the Slack end of the village, opponents rigged up a banner asking if people wanted to see wind turbines here – and someone graffiti’d “Yes please!” Given the contentious nature of this commercial application, which seemed to be from a business based in Manchester, maybe this is worth a read: Generating light on landscape impacts – How to accommodate onshore wind while protecting the countryside.

The proposal was for wind turbines of Endurance E-3120 24.6m (34.2m to blade tip) type, and the proposed location was  North Of Cross Hill Smithwell Lane Heptonstall Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire.

This is what an Endurance E 3120 wind turbine looks like. The photo was taken at farm in Cornwall. It’s quite tall, relative to the tractor which provides scale.

Photo from Dulas website

The technical details of the Endurance E 3120 wind turbines are here. Each turbine  produces 100,000 – 250,000 kWh per year in appropriate winds. Here’s a case study of the performance of an E 3120 wind turbine on a farm in Devon.

Here’s a more distant view of an E 3120 wind turbine on a farm in Devon.

Photo from Dulas website


And one of it taken in the field where it stands.

Dulas website photo

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