Pennine Community Power launch community shares offer at New Delight 23rd June

At this very moment (7.30pm) Pennine Community Power, an offshoot of Blackshaw Environmental Action Team, is launching their community shares offer at the New Delight in Colden.

I would be there, but the Blackshawhead bus is not running properly today. Again.

Pennine Community Power has recently been awarded a grant to part-fund the construction of a wind turbine in Blackshawhead. They are now inviting people to buy £28,000 of community shares, with a minimum investment of £250. The share offer closes on 31st July.

Pennine Community Power is a Community Benefit Society. This means that it will return profits to projects that benefit the community. It will not distribute profits to members of the society or external shareholders. Here is some info from Guardian Money about investing in Community Benefit Societies

Here are details of how to apply.

Here is some background info about community renewable schemes.

I hope everyone has a great time at the Newdy this evening, sorry to miss it!

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