Ask Craig Whittaker MP – again – to sign the Rio-UK Declaration

Craig Whitaker MP hasn’t yet signed the Rio-UK Declaration, and he hasn’t replied to my request to him to sign it.

Has he replied to anyone else’s? I can’t be the only Calderdale constituent to have asked him.

Here are some ways of getting your MP’s attention

  • Email a follow-up message to Craig Whittaker MP at If you send a quick note to say you notice he hasn’t signed up yet, this will show you expect him to act.
  • Stop Climate Chaos has a downloadable declaration poster which you can send to Craig Whittaker MP and ask him to sign it.
  • Phone him on Tel: 020 7219 7031. Explain over the phone why this issue is important to you (and if possible their constituency). You can always leave a message if you can’t get through.
  • Meet him: Arrange a meeting – it’s too late to attend one of his surgeries – the next one is Friday 29th June 2012: Todmorden: 10.00am until 12.00pm, Brighouse: 2.30pm until 4.30pm. But it should be possible to book a meeting. Stop Climate Chaos suggest taking a declaration poster for him to sign – see:
  • Tweet him:  Copy Craig Whittaker into your tweet and he’ll receive it directly. Here’s a sample tweet: “[@Craig_Whittaker] Please sign the #Rioconnect Declaration. I want to see your photo on this page
  • Post on his Facebook wall:  You could post something like the tweet above onto their facebook page. I’ve posted a message to him via his Facebook page.

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