Sign up to Green Energy UK through BEAT!

BEAT has a longstanding partnership with Green Energy UK to provide 100% electricity from renewable sources. From 1st Feb 2013, BEAT’s arrangement with Green Energy UK is changing. New customers who sign up through BEAT will get the first month of electricity for free. This replaces the previous arrangement, where new customers who signed up through BEAT got a 10% discount on their bills.
Green Energy customers already signed up through BEAT will continue to receive 10% discount – the new offer only applies to new customers.

BEAT receives £25 for each new customer that signs up through BEAT, if new customers are still with Green Energy after 12 months.

For more information speak to Liz Bell at Green Energy UK on:
  • Telephone: 01920 483 431
  • Fax: 01920 484268
Remember to say you want to sign up through BEAT.

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