Protecting Mytholm orchard from deer

IncredibleEdible Mytholm has put deer protectors around the trees in a small orchard on Mytholm Meadows playing field that we planted last year with Incredible Farm and  St James Primary School gardening club. We’d noticed that deer had been nibbling the trees and stripping off the bark.

The little orchard is right on the border of the Mytholm Works/Browns Field site.

It turns out that three of the trees had died because the deer had stripped the bark so severely stripped. But the rest seem fine and, thanks to Treesponsibility who donated the deer protectors,  they should be safe from any further damage from deer. The little rabbit protectors just hadn’t really done the job.

The man at the snack van in the lay by told us he sees the deer round the little apple trees in the morning, around 4.30-5pm when he comes to open up the van. Apparently deer also ravage his allotment up on the tops.

He pointed out that if the supermarket and hotel development on Browns Field goes ahead, there will be a car park where the orchard is. We agreed that maybe this won’t happen though. There are expensive planning conditions attached to the planning permission and so far there’s no news from site owners Belmont Homes and Setbray Properties that they have buyers/developers lined up.




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