EU meeting to regulate food speculation

This World Development Movement (WDM) video explains how food price speculation is increasing and has thrown millions into poverty, and that government regulation is essential to stop this. They are proposing “position limits” – limits that cap the proportion of commodity markets that speculators can hold.

(It would have been good if the video makers could have found women and bme food speculation experts to film, as well as white men – it can’t be possible that only white men know about food speculation.)

The WDM has emailed that one of the European Union institutions is to meet on Monday 2nd September to negotiate new rules on food speculation, but despite searching online I haven’t been able to find out any more than that.

It’s not on the online agenda for EU Commission meetings, so I don’t know which bit of the EU is reponsible or who to contact to urge them to do the right thing.

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