Meeting about Self-Build Housing Co-operative, September 9th

Anyone who would like to be part of a Self Build Housing Co-operative (or simply wants to find out more about it) is welcome to attend an open event held by Hebden Bridge Community Self Build Housing Community Interest Company (CIC), on Sunday September 9th, 3-5pm at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club.

The CIC wants to set up a Self Build Housing Co-operative, and the event will host speaker with practical experience of setting up a housing co-operative. There will be plenty of opportunity for people to air their thoughts and discuss the project with other prospective members. The aim of the event is to begin the process of forming the housing co-operative and agree as a wider group the next step forward. It is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved.

Hedgehog Self-Build Housing Coop, Brighton

If you want to read something more on housing co-operatives, the following links are very useful:

2 thoughts on “Meeting about Self-Build Housing Co-operative, September 9th

  1. Can you keep me posted of developments with your group? I chair the National Self Build Association….or just give me a buzz so we can grab five mins on the phone. Thanks 01452 610051

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