Renewable energy

The sun, wind, tides, rivers and streams don’t get used up when they’re harnessed to generate energy, so the energy they generate is called renewable energy.

Renewable energy produces very low carbon emissions -mostly just the carbon emissions that are created during the equipment’s manufacture, installation and maintainance. So it’s a good replacement for fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal, which produce a lot of carbon emissions when they’re burned to generate energy.

Where to find renewable energy

There are various sources of renewable energy – you can:

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A public debate about wind energy has been going on for years in the Upper Calder Valley. You can check out a summary of myths and facts about wind power from Renewable Energy Systems Ltd.
Hebden Royd Town Council has planning guidelines that it uses when considering planning applications for wind turbines.
Calderdale Council’s Energy Future vision proposes to attract large-scale commercial windfarms into the area.